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Photoessay of Abused, Starved Children (Post below)

U.S. and Iraqi soldiers provide medical care to boys discovered naked and abused in a Baghdad orphanage on June 10, 2007. Soldiers found 24 severely malnourished boys, some tied to their beds, in the orphanage, yet there was a room full of food and clothing nearby. (Photo: CBS)
[WA: The boy to left appears to be sitting in a damp spot - possibly urinated (from fear? of adults.soldiers?) Note semi vertical stripes on his back. Bruises? From being struck with rod of some sort?]

U.S. soldier carries a boy found naked and abused at a Baghdad orphanage to an ambulance on June 10, 2007. U.S. and Iraqi Army soldiers discovered the orphanage housing 24 severely malnourished and abused boys in the Baghdad neighborhood of Fajr. The boys were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. (Photo: CBS)

U.S. and Iraqi soldiers load an orphan onto an ambulance for transport to a Baghdad hospital after finding 24 naked and abused boys, ages 3 to 15 years old, in a darkened room without any windows at a Baghdad orphanage. Many of the children were tied to their beds and were too weak to stand once released. A room full of food and clothing that could have aided the children was found nearby. (Photo: CBS) [ WA: This child bears a remarkable resemblence to one of my great-grandsons. I consider my reaction and response had he been so abused.]

A hospital worker hands juice boxes to some of the 24 boys found by U.S. and Iraqi military personnel on June 10, 2007, naked and abused in a Baghdad orphanage. Sources who checked on the boys on June 11 reported that they were in better health and spirits. The boys will stay at another orphanage temporarily until they can be moved to Karbala where they will live under the care of social services. (Photo: CBS)


Some of the 24 severely malnourished and abused boys found by U.S. and Iraqi Army soldiers at a Baghdad orphanage drink juice after they were taken to a nearby hospital for care in this photo provided to CBS News. (Photo: CBS)

Stocked shelves at Iraqi orphanage
The soldiers found kitchen shelves packed with food in the stock room. Instead of giving it to the boys, the soldiers believe it was being sold to local markets. (Photo: CBS) [ WA: Sold to stuff the "caregivers' " pockets - after they had stuffed their faces with plenty of food? Clothing for the boys was also stocked, still in plastic wrappers, and also being sold.]

A suspect is held after U.S. and Iraqi Army forces found 24 naked and abused boys, ages 3 to 15, in a Baghdad orphanage. The Prime Minister’s office directed the arrest of the individuals responsible for the situation. The Ministry of Health began an investigation immediately, sources said. (Photo: CBS) [WA: Obviously well fed and well clothed; this big, broad shouldered strapping man slimeball should be hung!!]

Two men thought to be guards at the orphange are seen in this photo obtained by CBS News. Three women claiming to be caretakers were also found at the site. (Photo: CBS) [WA: and hanging for these two slimeballs too]

An Iraqi nurse distributes candies to orphans after they were transferred to Dar al-Hanan orphanage for girls, Thursday, June 21, 2007. The orphans were discovered in a room at an orphanage for boys last week following a military raid northwest of Baghdad. Soldiers found 24 naked and abused boys, aged 3 to 15. (Photo: AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images)

Orphan Hazim holds a teddy bear as he sits in a wheelchair after he was transferred to Dar al-Hanan orphanage for girls Thursday, June 21, 2007. Hazim and 23 other orphans, aged 3 to 15, were discovered in a room at an orphanage for boys last week following a military raid in an area northwest of Baghdad. (Photo: AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images) [WA: the resilience of children. This boy, physically/neurologically handicapped, has a smile for his rescuers in spite of the abuse and maltreatment he has suffered. There is no telling the degree and duration of the emotional and psychological trauma these children suffer. ]

[WA: Perhaps I have grown cynical - or realistic - in my old age, but I have some hard views of this outrage.

The boys were ordered transferred from another orphanage by someone in the Ministry of Health because "it wasn't right for boys to live with girls".

The transfer was to a brothel. That is a suitable facility for children?

Question: Did the "someone" in the Ministry of Health have a deal going with the owner of the brothel?

Obviously the "orphanage" was well funded. The cribs are new, very nice, and modern resin chairs are provided. The pantry was well stocked with food and new clothing (still in plastic bags) was provided. Note that there are no sheets, blankets or pillows on the cribs; were they sold in the local markets also?

Nice little racket going here. Was the "someone" in the Ministry of Health getting a kickback?

There are perverts who will pay well to have sex with young boys. What an ideal setup for the owner of the brothel! A lucrative setup, no doubt. So, were the boys forced to serve the brothel's clientele and if so, did the mysterious "someone" get a kickback on that income too? Boys from age 3 to age 15 - take your choice! And even better, only one of the special needs children able to talk so little danger of complaints!

Did the state funding include payments for caregivers' salaries? By having the brothel employees double as caregivers, more pocket money was provided.

A sweet setup for filthy slimeballs. I have ambivalent feelings about the death penalty but in this case of such horrible treatment of innocent, helpless children, I say hang 'em all!

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DEMONS .. do to those that done to others .. CHILDREN ???? what in the name of god ? how sad.. i cryed my eyes dry ,
i live in central n.y .ill take one of the children in my heart and home .. im a gram ,that adupted my grand baby ,he is now four .
thank god,, for sending angles to
those children .
DEMONS ,, what will be done with them ????
we( all) want to know .
do unto them as thay do unto others .. or shoot them ! ill buy the bullets !!!! and pull the trigger ... those children will have to live with that memory the rest of there lives !!!!
the shame .
GOD will prevale !
we all pray for each and every childs .......
health and wellness .
thank god for the earth angels that found those children ..
BIG xoxo
terrible things that some kids have to suffer!!!
God bless those poor babies. I cannot believe my eyes. Starving children laying naked on the floor in filth. Thanks God they've been found. Still, they will be traumatized for life!
Go to Babylon's Covert War - learn what Islam is all about from a US ARMY Captain, Military Police and a guy that was over one of the largest areas covered Personal Security Details for the Diplomatic Security Service - as their Operations and Intelligence Chief...he brings this entire system to light...
Your website is dedicated to criticizing the American presence in Iraq, but this very article underlines the importance of our presence there! The AMERICAN soldiers discovered this atrocity, which was perpetuated against the Iraqi children by the Iraqi government. Where would these helpless boys be right now if they had not been found by our own "boys in camo"?
al hanan orphanage
Yeah Right "the religion of peace.." My butt!! These islamos are a sick group of people and I am sickened by this and by the Americans who never attended church in their entire lives suddenly dawning the muslim garb complete with head rags - Freaking Liberals and scum bag Iraqis are the same -- Look at how these kids were abused - Liberals have also abused America. Get the bums out of office!!!
"liberals" did NOT start that insane war, which continues to gobble lives to this very day.... the cost to the US taxpayer for the Iraq war is estimated at over 4 TRILLION dollars when all the bills are paid and all the injured soldiers treated and taken care of - and what did the warmongering conservative folks get for YOUR 4 trillion? What was accomplished? The government of Iraq is weak and corrrupt and large areas of the country are still unsafe. Don't try to blame that on the "liberals".
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