Sunday, November 26, 2006


Winning Their Hearts and Minds ??

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I want to share the following video with you:

Video Description: U.S. Soldiers Offer Clean Water to Iraqi Children. Winning Their Hearts and Minds? How Do You Think These Children Regard the Americans After Being Taunted With a False Promise of Fresh, Clean Water? This is Despicable Cruelty - and They LAUGH at the Desperate Children. Watch How Far The Last Child Ran After the Proffered Bottle of Water. ONE BOTTLE OF WATER!! WHAT IF THAT WAS YOUR CHILD?? WA


(from the blogger who posted the video)

Lets make things clear, I have never been to Iraq let alone set foot out of the borders of the US. I received this video from someone who was over there. The person I got it from did not make the disk, they got it from a friend they met while over there. So there's no telling how many times this was handed down.

So stop sending me messages telling me to burn in hell. I will just ignore you and then block you.

If you work for the media and you want more info, I don't have it. What I do have are dozen of other short videos that where on the DVD that I received from the source. The other videos might shed some light and help answer some questions. Just put the pieces together and you might see the picture you're after.

Now excuse me, I have a bloated inbox to clean out. :-s

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