Thursday, August 17, 2006


Birth Deformaties and Congenital Defects Among Desert Storm Babies

C. BIRTH DEFORMITIES & CONGENITAL DEFECTS AMONG DESERT STORM BABIES"Life" (11/95) featured a special report entitled: "The Tiny Victims of Desert Storm", which described in heart-rending detail (with numerous photos) how the children of our veterans are being born with horrendous disfiguring birth defects.

The article was subtitled, "When our soldiers risked their lives in the Gulf, they never imagined that their children might suffer the consequences - - or that their country would turn its back on them."In the months and years following Desert Storm, thousands of babies have been born to vets with horrible deformities (missing limbs, one eye, missing ears, incomplete or missing organs - reminiscent of the Thalidomide babies of the 1950s - but in far greater numbers. [ED. NOTE: Thalidomide was another experimental drug (administered to pregnant mothers) which went awry].

Meanwhile, the Department of Defense is working overtime to cover up the crisis with Gulf War babies, denying it exists, denying benefits or medical assistance to veterans with birth defected children, and even going so far as to censor the "Life" article cited above off of the Internet.Dr. William Campbell Douglass is the editor of the "Second Opinion" newsletter and author of the book, "Who Killed Africa" (about how the World Health Organization smallpox inoculations may have triggered the AIDS epidemic in Africa).

Dr. Douglass, a close friend of this writer, wrote in his January 1994 newsletter regarding Gulf War Illness: "The symptoms are now having serious repercussions. Half or more of the babies born to Gulf War vets since the war have had some sort of birth defect or blood disorder"."Nation Magazine" (1/95) estimates that 67% of babies being born to Gulf War vets who are ill are having serious birth problems.

Over half of the babies now being born in Iraq today have deformities or major birth defects, according to reports Dr. Garth and Nancy Nicolson have received.According to the "Life Magazine" article: "In 1975, a landmark Swedish study concluded that low-level exposure to nerve and mustard gases could cause both chronic illness and birth defects. The Pentagon denies the presence of such chemicals during the Gulf War. [ED. NOTE: Even though over 18,000 chemical alarms sounded during the Gulf War]' but the Czech and British governments say their troops detected both kinds of gas during the war.

A 1994 report by the General Accounting Office says that: American soldiers were exposed to 21 potential reproductive toxicants, any of which might have harmed them or their future children."A number of examples of babies born to Gulf War vets with devastating birth defects were cited in the "Life Magazine" article:1) Kennedi Clark (Age 4) - Born to Darrell (an Army paratrooper in the Gulf War) and Shona Clark. "Kennedi's face is grotesquely swollen sprinkled with red, knotted lumps. She was born without a thyroid. If not for daily hormone treatments, she would die. What disfigures her features, however, is another congenital condition: hemangiomas, benign tumors made of tangled red blood vessels. Since she was a few weeks old, they have been popping up all over - on her eyelids, lips, etc."(2) Lea Arnold (Age 4) - Born to Richard and Lisa Arnold. Richard was a civilian helicopter mechanic (working for Lockheed) with the Army's 1st Cavalry Division during the Gulf War. "Lea was born with spina bifida, a split in the backbone that causes paralysis and hydrocephalus (i.e. water on the brain). She needed surgery to remove three vertebrae."Today, she cannot move her legs or roll over. A shunt drains the fluid from her skull. Her upper body is so weak that she cannot push herself in a wheelchair on carpeting. To strengthen her bones, she spends hours in a contraption that holds her upright.

"Just about our whole world is centered around Lea, says Lisa Arnold. Huge medical bills and the unwillingness of insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions force the family to live in poverty in order to qualify for Medicaid."(3) Casey Minns (Age 3) - Born to Army Sgt. Brad and Marilyn Minns. "Casey was born with Goldenhar Syndrome, characterized by a lopsided head and spine. His left ear is missing, his digestive tract (i.e. esophagus) was disconnected. Trying to repair his damaged organs, surgeons at Walter Reed Army Medical Center damaged his vocal chords and colon, says Brad and Marilyn. His parents feed and remove his wastes through holes in his belly. His mother Marilyn, says, "Sometimes it just overwhelms me, but I try to take it one day at a time.. it's made worse by people who say that Gulf War Syndrome doesn't exist...they're turning their backs on us."

(4) Michael Ayers (Died at 5 Months of Age) - Born to Glenn (a battery commander in the Gulf War) and Melanie Ayers. "Michael was born with a mitral-valve defect in his heart. He sweat constantly - until the night he woke up screaming, his arms and legs ice-cold. he died that night of congestive heart failure."As "Life Magazine" wrote: "After Michael's death, Melanie sealed off his bedroom; she tried to close herself off as well. But soon she began to encounter 'a shocking number' of other parents whose post-Gulf War children had been born with abnormalities. All of them were desperate to know what had gone wrong and whether they would ever again be able to bear healthy babies.

With Kim Sullivan, an artillery captain's wife whose infant son, Matthew, had died of a rare liver cancer, Melanie founded an informal network of fellow sufferers."...Kim is here. So is Connie Hanson, wife of an Army sergeant - her son, Jayce, was born with multiple deformities. Army Sgt. John Mabus has brought along his babies - Zachary and Andrew - who suffer from an incomplete fusion of the skull. The people in this room have turned to one another because they can no longer rely upon the military."(5) Cedrick Miller (Age 4) - Born to Steve (a former Army medic in the Gulf War) and Bianca Miller. "Cedrick was born with his trachea and esophagus fused; despite surgery, his inability to hold down solid food has kept his weight to 20 pounds. His internal problems include hydrocephalus and a heart in the wrong place. Cedrick suffers, like Casey Minns, from Goldenhars Syndrome. The left half of his face is shrunken, with a missing ear and blind eye."(6)

Jayce Hanson (Age 4) - Born to Paul (a Gulf War vet) and Connie Hanson. "Jayce was born with hands and feet attached to twisted stumps. He also had a hole in his heart, a hemophilia-like blood condition, and underdeveloped ear canals ..a cherubic, rambunctious blond, he's the unofficial poster boy of the Gulf War babies - seen by millions in "People Magazine"."But since his last major public appearance, he has undergone a change. His lower legs are missing. Doctors recently amputated his legs at the knees to make it easier to fit him with prosthetics. He'll say once in a while, "My feet are gone", says his mother Connie, but he has been a real trooper."(7)

Alexander Albuck (Age 3) — Born to Lieutenant and Kelli Albuck after two miscarriages. "Alexander was born with underdeveloped lungs, Strep B infection, spinal meningitis, cranial hemorrhage, collapsed heart valve, calcium deposits in the kidneys, bleeding ulcers, cerebral palsy, vision and hearing impairments, bronchia pulmonary dysphasia, etc. Having exhausted the lifetime limit on their health insurance in the first three months, the Albucks became responsible for paying for his treatment. The first bill they received was for $154,319!

"There are thousands of young children like Kennedi, Lea, Casey, Michael, Cedrick, Jayce, and Alexander (the tiny victims of Desert Storm) who have been born to Gulf War vets with horrible birth defects or who have died from these deformities. The government (especially the Defense Department) denies that the problem exists and no government medical or financial assistance is forthcoming unless a parent is still in the military (and over 2/3 of the Gulf War vets have been separated from duty since Operation Desert Storm).

As "Life" wrote: "For parents of these children, the going is grim. They are denied insurance coverage for pre-existing conditions. They are being driven into poverty. Some join the welfare line so Medicaid will help with the impossible burden. You could be a millionaire, and there is no way you could take care of one of these children, says Lisa Arnold."Because the U.S. government and military will not help, a Gulf War Baby Registry has been formed (in Orlando, Florida) by Dr. Betty Bekdeci to track as best as possible the birth defected children. Call 1-800-313-2232 for ore information.
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American Gulf War Veterans Association
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(old contact information, as on report:The written report (40 pages) is available at $5 each, $3 each for 25 or more copies. Call 1-800-528-0559 or write to The McAlvany Intellignece Advisor, P.O. Box 84904, Phoenix, AZ 85071. Request Special Report, Germ Warfare Against America: The Desert Storm Plague and Cover-up, August 1996.)(New info:1-800-525-9556, PO Box 829 Durango CO 81302)
Hi I am a Desert storm baby and I dont have as serious of problems but I was born with a leg deformity where my leg bones are bent and now that I am 16 I have very brittle Bones I have broken so many things and dislocated so many things but I just wanted to let you know that this is a real thing I was conceived right after my Father got back from The gulf War.
Hi my husband is a Vet of Desert Storm and my step-dad is too. My almost 7 year old has an Arachnoid cyst w/ associated Hydrocephalus since birth born premature. My almost 15 year old son was also premature and has had meningitas twice. Does anybody know if these problems may be related?
My husband and I both served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. I conceived my son only months after leaving the desert. My son has had several medical issues. He was tested when he was two years old for an immune deficiency and found that his IGA is low. He is now 19 years old and an athlete. He got sick a few weeks ago, lost 26 pounds and was just diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. Is there any correlation to diabetes and Gulf War? No diabetes in the family.
The government always seems to be in denial, or does not want to take ownership. My Son was born in 1996 and has several health issues including tremors in his hands. It's funny how that my daughter was born 10 years later and has no issues. And yes....I was in desert storm and desert shield.
I was stationed at Bragg an was POR'ed to go. My husband also stationed at Bragg went with 30th Eng My daughter was born after the war and she is severe global developmental delays ( is what they call it) She is now 18 can not walk or talk she has undergone many eye surgeries. She has been fully fused in her back due to scoliosis. she is Tube fed because she was diagnosed with failure to trive.
My son father is a desert storm/desert shield vet. When, he came back from over there I got pregnant with my son. My son was born pre mature and he was born with only three lobes of the brain. He had seizures, adhd and learning problems. My son has to go the doctor every month.
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I have been reading more and more stories like this lately and it just the saddest thing, i really hope that all these suffering with birth defects in children of veterans get they help they need, and that actions are taken so this never happens again
My father was in Desert Storm and I was conceived THE DAY he got back. He is chemical, so I was very lucky to only have the problems I have. Luckily I have no visual birth defects. However, I am 22 years old now and have many mental and health related issues. I have been diagnosed with ADHD, Bipolar II, SEVERE anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, Fibromyalgia, very low blood pressure, and really bad asthma. I am exhausted all of the time and am now waking up to hallucinations at night, up to 8 times in one night. My mother constantly blames it on Desert Storm. I feel like there is no way that I have all of these disorders because that would be insane. I definitely feel like there is an encompassing issue, and my sister who was born 7 years later does not have anything wrong with her. I get very frustrated because I feel like there is no one to turn to because we don't know what other issues will arise with this. I guess we are the guinea pigs.
My Father was as well in Desert Storm, They were given pills to "Protect them from Chemical warfare....." I Have the pill packet with lot numbers and serials, and one pill that he never took, Well that ended in me being born for death, Luckily a pediatric cardiologist was on vacation visiting a friend in Honolulu Hawaii hospital, I was diagnosed with Transposition of the great vessels. and was flown to San Diego California to have open heart surgery at 4 days old. I also like the previous comment have anxiety, attention disorders, and other flaws.
I am continually amazed by the of information available on this subject. What you presented was well researched and well worded in order to get your stand on this across to all your readers.
Zofran heart defects

Hi im a 23 year old gulf war baby.I have bells polsy,mobius syndrom,scitsaphrania,Two clubbed feet but were fixed ,6 undevloped fingers and 23 years worth of bullying and teasing. To all of the people like me,stay strong.We are the Normals not those people that make us look like creatures of freak shows.Stay strong guys and all of my prayers go out to all of you.
My daughter is 21 and also has a sist on her brain and has menigitis twice and friday we found out that she has a very rare form of breast cancer
My daughter is 21 and also has a sist on her brain and has menigitis twice and friday we found out that she has a very rare form of breast cancer
My daughter is 21 and also has a sist on her brain and has menigitis twice and friday we found out that she has a very rare form of breast cancer
Hi. My husband (now ex) was a Marine in Desert Storm. Our first son was born April 24, 1992. He passed away November 20, 1992. Jaryd was born at 8lbs, seemed healthy and was at the top of the growth charts. However, when he was 6 months old, he became sick and never recovered. He was flown to Baylor Dallas, and it took 2 weeks of testing to figure out what was wrong. Jaryd was born without an immune system - the 7th case in the US. At 6 months, a babies immune system kicks in. Because I had nursed, is how he lasted as long as he did. Apparently, this is something passed down from family history. Of course,our families were all tested with zero results. The doctors were baffled.
Our second son was born with many lung problems, and gets random rashes, but is now 22 and doing good.
My now ex-husband has another child and she has hearing problems, almost deaf. I'm positive these problems were caused by the pills, shots and whatever the soldiers were exposed to.
I am saddened even more by all of the stories surrounding this subject. My heart goes out to you all.
Desert Shield and Storm veteran. My daughter was born with multiple abnormalities. She was born at Martin Army hospital at Ft. Benning in 1998. She had an imperferated anus, an epshagieal atreisa, a piece of a second thumb amoung other issues.
The fact that the Government refuses to acknoledge it does means it does not exist. I WAS THERE when the chemical alarms went off. We were told they "malfunctioned". We were just kids, we did not know better. All of the big wigs were older and therefore most never had any more children.
It is sooo sad that our great nation would send us off to war and yet deny that we were exposed to agents that devastated our chilren.
We deserve better than that, my daughter deserves better that.
I am a Gulf War Baby. My father worked in field artillery. I was conceived while he was on leave in Fort Hood. I have temporal lobe epilepsy, ADHD, asthma, anxiety and depression, nervous ticks, migraines, kidney stones, IBS, ovarian cysts, chronic fatigue, mood disorder, Raynauds and 2 blood clots were found in my right lung so currently being tested for a factor 5 blood disorder. Could I have Gulf War Syndrome?
I am a Gulf War Baby. My father worked in field artillery. I was conceived while he was on leave in Fort Hood. I have temporal lobe epilepsy, ADHD, asthma, anxiety and depression, nervous ticks, migraines, kidney stones, IBS, ovarian cysts, chronic fatigue, mood disorder, Raynauds and 2 blood clots were found in my right lung so currently being tested for a factor 5 blood disorder. Could I have Gulf War Syndrome?
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