Monday, July 24, 2006



Hezbollah volunteer recruits
America boasts of our precision bombs, allowing for very little collateral damage. Yet Iraq's electrical plants, water treatment plants, sewage plants, bridges, some hospitals (oh yes, we have photos of them), ambulances, and much of cities' infrastructure was destroyed. In spite of billions of dollars spent (?) in rebuilding Iraq, a great deal of the country is still suffering without clean water, electricity, proper sewage disposal, adequate medical facilities, and food supplies. (Ofcourse Bush's grand palace compound is progressing at a fantastic rate). So although Saddam's army was defeated very quickly, it appears that attacking civilians and demoralizing the populace was a major strategy.

Hezbollah in Lebanon is not an army; it is an organization, even though some of its members are in the Lebanese parliament. There is no military for the Israelis to confront. Hezbollah does have concentrations in some areas and sites for their rocket attacks, but like the insurgents in Iraq they have the capability of being mobile and easily moving to other areas. They are an elusive target. Hezbollah has rockets. Israel has bombers, fighter jets, tanks, all the modern implements of warfare SUPPLIED BY THE US. (see post further down).

So what is Israel to do? One thing they could have done when Hezbollah kidnapped two of their soldiers, was to open negotiations for prisoner exchange, as Hezbollah asked. Hezbollah took the Israeli soldiers in order to try to effect an exchange of Hezbollah prisoners detained in Israel, some for as long as 25 years, for the 2 Israelis. Instead Israel seized upon the kidnapping as an excuse to go to open war, as they had planned for over a year. But lacking a Hezbollah target, they chose to attack the civilian population.

Air Strikes Continue. Australian news report. 2 min. video. Note the coffins; more on next post.
So far, 650,000 refugees, tens of thousands in Tyre. How can the communities or cities absorb and care for that large an influx?

Israeli Tanks, Troops Raid Israeli Town

Thanks to Tina at Fuzzy and Blue for this report:
Condi: Bombs in Lebanon are Like Birth Pains

Israelis drop leaflets advising civilians to evacuate targeted towns and cities. Then they bomb roads and bridges so that many find it impossible to reach safety, plus the poor have no means to evacuate. (New Orleans, does that sound familiar?) Caravans of cars were strafed or bombed, killing many civilians. Their towns and homes destroyed so they have nothing to which to return.
I agree on how it should have been handled but it wasn;t. Too much hatred. When are the people going to rise up and say they had enough?

while lebonan burns no one is talking about iraq.
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