Wednesday, March 15, 2006


"Sexual exploitation"

Third in series: Chapter 3 Sexual Exploitation

- - - - - - - - - - - - Wed Mar 15 19:02:05 2006
They did not see fit to reveal the many reports of the rapes of both male and female prisoners and other types of sexual abuse.
The "official" reports made about the two young women pictured here reflect ONLY the version made by the guards and interrogators. They can claim any tale they wish to concoct but may not be true, and in many instances is NOT true.

Reports of male prisoners raping female prisoners raise questions also. Why were young female
prisoners left unguarded and accessible to male prisoners? Were male prisoners allowed to roam
freely about the prison? Considering the ratio of guards to prisoners wherein the guards were vastly outnumbered, it seems very unlikely. The possibility of prisoners overpowering the guards is too dangerous to allow. Prisoners of both sexes have said they were raped by GUARDS. This crime has occurred in American jails and prisons, as well in institutions in other countries, so it is not improbable an occurrance in Abu Ghraib and other detention facilities. It has been reported in Afghanistan also.

This reminds one of the photos of a huge pool of blood and bloody drag marks described in reports as that of a prisoner who had been shot in the leg after obtaining a weapon and firing on the guards. I ask how did a prisoner confined to a cell, surrounded by guards, allowed no visitors obtain a weapon? That tale or excuse seems very suspect to me.
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