Friday, March 24, 2006



Independent rights groups list one number of civilian dead; "official" lists far lower number. Accurate counts are difficult because many people just bury their dead and no report is made.

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I feel so much for the Iraqi people. They are burying their dead from this conflict, after years of burying their dead from the embargo and from Saddam Insane. There is no end in sight for them to be burying their dead... and this awful war will not resolve that it seems.

I have an Iraqi-Canadian friend who I watched the bombing footage with (from the initial invasion). She totally lost it when we watched a man running from the explosions on a street in Baghdad... and she recognized him as a doctor and friend of hers.

God help us all.
It makes me crazy. I can't bear it.

In addition to what you mentioned, remember the 8 years of war with Iran, instigated by the US and which Saddam would have lost had the US not aided him more.
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