Monday, February 20, 2006



Video: WHY WE FIGHT: Is American Policy Dominated By the Idea of Military Supremacy? Has the Military Become Too Important in American Life?

This video is 1-1/2 hrs. long. I suggest you play it when you have uninterrupted time to attend it closely. Note Eisenhower's warnings in his farewell speech. Note the connections between our lawmakers and leaders to the military industrial complex and to major corporations such as Halliburton, Kellogg-Brown and Root (KBR).

AND PLEASE note the brief clip where Bush finally admits 'THERE IS NO EVIDENCE CONNECTING IRAQ TO 9/11." Listen to the testimony scattered through out the video of the female retired officer who worked in the Pentagon and was privy to the plots and propaganda techniques designed to deceive the public.
You who are pro-Bush, pro-war may feel like the President was deceived and led astray by the Pentagon and deceitful advisors. Maybe so. But the bottom line is America had no valid reason to start this war that promises to be unending, a worse quagmire than Vietnam.

AND NOW HE PLANS ANOTHER WAR. And another? and another?
Can America survive 3 more years of Bush?

What a load of anti-war, anti-Bush bull shit. Bush is the best thing ever happened to this country.
It is your perogative to think that and it is mine to think he is the worst and the ruination of us.
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