Tuesday, February 21, 2006



Naso-gastric tubes are forced down detainees noses while being restrained by soldiers. Insertion of a ng tube about the diameter of a pencil is uncomfortable for most patients when it is done with care, and the patient cooperates by swallowing water during the procedure to aid the tube's passage down the esophagus. Forceful insertion can be quite traumatic to the delicate nasal membranes high in the nostrils and can cause bleeding from the injury. Use of larger tubes requires even greater care and forcing large tubes can result in severe trauma. And it hurts like hell. Often the passage of the tube triggers the gag reflex and expels the tube, requiring reinsertion. It is a miserable procedure to endure and under the circumstances described, can be very painful.


IF, and that's a big IF, Bush ever lets these men go, they will have developed such a deep and abiding hatred for Americans that a number of them will undoubtedly very promptly rush to join a terrorist group. Wouldn't you, if you endured years of false imprisonment and brutal treatment, living in despair.

But what can he do with the alleged 40,000 prisoners Bush has scattered around the globe? Some subjected to heinous tortures. Saddam is reported to have executed some 30,000 of his prisoners. We saw on the news the wrenching excavations of some of the mass graves and watched the grief stricken families searching the corpses for evidence of their loved ones who disappeared.

Will Bush try to outdo Saddam? He's got a tiger by the tail - urged to let it go but afraid to. So what will he do with all these unfortunates he has caused to be imprisoned?

They ought to just let them starve.
That is a cruel and inhumane viewpoint. We are a civilized people and even convicted criminals should be treated humanely. Out of the hundreds that are there only a few have been charged. If our investigators have not foung evidence against the others in these years they've kept these men imprisoned, our spooks must be either terribly stupid or inept.
I see our troll has followed you over here.
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