Thursday, February 02, 2006




These are the faces that go with the statistics. They aren't just numbers. They are people, people who were warm and vibrant, who loved and were loved, who laughed and cried - who had a life to live, who wanted to live. Until somewhere in an alien land all that was stripped from them and now all that they were and hoped to be is gone forever.

Access this site. Look at the faces, see them as real, once living persons. Imagine each one was your loved one, your friend. Read the brief bio beside their photo. Read their names. Not numbers, names.
See them either by date, year by year; or see them by name, by alphabet grouping.

There are so many it becomes overwhelming but if they can go halfway around the world, suffer and die, the least we can do is acknowledge them. And when you can look no more, go to the left sidebar and click on heroes. Women died too; women served too; women were heroes too. These are our own, America's sons and daughters.And you empathize even more with Cindy Sheehan.

Roster of dead in Iraq. More added every week.
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