Friday, February 03, 2006



The following url contains photos of babies born with severe birth defects as a result of their parents being exposed to the radiation from depleted uranium. (Depleted Uranium -DU - is NOT safe it is still very radioactive, with a half life of over 4 BILLION years. It will be a killer for longer than man will exist). The number of leukemia cases in juveniles has increased alarmingly since 1991, the Gulf War. We can expect more after this war.

Do not be alarmed at the sight of an Iraqi flag and Arabic writing at the top. That's because this was posted from medical facility in Iraq. The language immediately following it is Italian. The article following is in English.
The photos after the text are horrifyingly graphic. If you are very squeamish, do not access the url. If you puke, go ahead. Get outraged. Get sick. Get furious. And start fighting to stop OUR government from using WMDs (DU is a WMD). Remember - OUR troops from 1991 war have sired/born defective babies too. Our troops over there now will sufffer GWS also, and have defective babies.
NO CHILD DESERVES TO BE BROUGHT INTO THIS WORLD LIKE THIS. IF WE ATTACK IRAN THERE WILL BE MORE. AND IF BUSH USES NUCLEAR BOMBS, IT WILL BE WORSE. [In draft, this url is printed and highlighted; in post, it is omitted. I do not know why. If I cannot get it to print, try the following url:

photos: Dr. Jenan Hassan

:: Article nr. 19825 sent on 22-jan-2006 04:47 ECT

Past the article "Nothing depleted about depleted uranium" , scroll on down to article about babies.

Scroll past the end of the text for photos. If you wish to comment, follow instructions. They are in Italian/English. Italians are part of the occupying forces in Iraq.

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