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Alternet: Do Iraqi Civilian Casualties Matter?

Bush says the war against terrorism wil be in perpetuity. Ofcourse it will, if we keep following Bush's policies. The war in Afghanistan and Iraq has further alienated the muslims and created an increasing flow of recruits to the terrorist ranks. When he invades and nukes Iran, there'll be more.Welcome has turned to hatred and caused recruitment of more insurgents.
"Do Iraqi Civilian Casualties Matter?"

The often-disputed total number of casualties are significant because they may add up to violations of the Geneva Convention. Contrary to the Bush Administration's small numbers of civilian casualties, other sources post them at over 100,000. ( And does that count further deaths from DU poisoning, increased cancer and leukemia illness and death, unviable birth defected babies - most of these from Daddy Bush's war of 1991 but more will come after this one.)

Only a small percentage of Iraqi citizens are insurgents (and most insurgents are foreign Arab/Muslims pouring into Iraq). The majority of Iraqi citizens are just ordinary family people like you and me, and have no more control over their government's policies or the insurgents than we have over our government or home grown extremists. Yet civilian populations during wars suffer the greatest. Their cities, homes, businesses, infrastructure are destroyed, they are killed and maimed in terrible numbers, medical care is limited due to the war conditions and they suffer terrible privations, often deprived of shelter and food. As their suffering continues and worsens, more Iraqis are undoubtedly incited to rebel, to join insurgents, as their initial welcome turns to hatred and despair. How would YOU feel if this was happening to your country?

The media shows the Iraqi civilians in only two contexts: angry citizens protesting some tragedy or being detained by our military, and feel-good photo-ops of military doing a kindness to them. We, the American public, do not get a picture of them as real people just like us; they are merely one demensional photos on a TV screen or newspaper page. Yet they are real, live human beings who love, laugh, cry, hurt and grieve just as we do. They care for and protect their families and friends. They love their country and culture just as we love ours. They are not inherently evil, as they have been depicted to us as "the enemy". They are just folks, like us.

I'm going to give you some sites to access to view the Iraqis and what this war is doing to them and their nation. You might turn away from it; you don't want to see such horror. Do you think they want to LIVE it? You might say you are too sensitive to bear such things. Do you think they are too sensitive to ENDURE it?

Our government wants the support of the American people for the wars; they monitor anti-war protests and would like to suppress dissention. We are shown sanitized , deoderized, powder puffed images of war, of our own casualties, and virtually nothing of the Iraqi sufferings. But if you have a shred of humanity in you, if you want to understand the true meaning of WAR, if you want a glimpse of what it is going to be like for us when our time comes -and come it will in one way or time, then look at these sites. DAMMIT<>

"Unembedded - An inflinching look at the human faces of war-ravaged Iraq" --click on url to access ---click on photo essay. underneath each photo click on "next" to continue to each photo. If you are interested in the photographers, click on "text". ----Most news reports are kept online for a limited time, then archived. If you get a page that article cannot be found, go to left sidebar and in the advanced search window type in "Unembedded -photo essay", then click advanced search. If Unembedded is not on the list of archived photo essays, go to right side bar and click on advanced search. Find Unembedded and click on it. These are just 16 photos from the book.

For video, click index; click videoclipfor slide show

These are mild scenes to peruse. Now you are ready for some hard core scenes. Puke, cry, get mad, raise hell, protest war. We are going to attack Iran next, then probably Syria and other middle eastern countries. More of our men will die, more innocent humans will suffer and die, and the liklihood of further terrorist attacks on our own nation will increase. We do not need another 9/11.

The following url takes you to a site of 20 pages bearing about 40 photos per page. Click on each small photo for enlargement, then back button to return to page. You cannot view them all in one sitting. But return and look until you've seen them all. THIS IS WHAT WAR DOES TO HUMANITY. LOOK AT THE PEOPLE; fathers, mothers clutching their children, weeping over their fear, pain, injuries, or dull faced, shocked. Look at the faces of children who should never have to experience such horror and pain. Look at adult men, so broken they sob open mouthed like a child. Look at the destruction of their cities, their homes. Look at them fleeing - going Where? LOOK AT THEM! .....and think ... what if that were us?

How would you feel if that were American people, homes, cities? How would you feel if foreign soldiers barged into your home, stopped your cars, searched you, made your men and boys lie on the ground? Hauled your husbands and sons off to detention because the troops THOUGHT they MIGHT be insurgents, when you knew they were innocent? And yes, I know our troops are required to do this. I remember Viet Nam when innocent appearing civilians were rebels. I am not faulting the troops; I fault the administration that started this war and required our troops to do the things they must do.

[SevenStones addendum: The following urls are no longer valid but sites are still open. Access click on "Mar/April 2003 Pictures of the Anglo American Aggression"

This site has many, many more. Just follow the titles from page to page. and click. Pictures of civilian victims and destruction. also: click on each page at bottom after you have viewed the photos on one page.

And when you see all this horror, remember: Our troops see this up close and personal. Many of our military are scarcely more than kids. But even the older troops have feelings. What do you think it does to them to witness these tragedies? Plus seeing the death and mutilation of their comrades? Is it any wonder so many of our boys come home suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? They do their duty, do what they are called upon to do, but how do you think it makes them feel, in spite of the brainwashing they got from the military trying to dehumanize the "enemy"? Some try to deny their feelings by directing their inner pain and anger outward, to the Iraqis; some just bury them, but those feelings come out in stress manifestations.

When you get through with all of the above, if you cared enough, if you had the stomach for it, watch this video, if you haven't already; again if you have. Do you support war?

WE SUPPORT OUR TROOPS 100%. WE DO NOT SUPPORT WAR, except in defense of our country - and these wars were NOT in defense of our country, in spite of the lies we were told.

Want more results of war? Our shells made of depleted uranium used in the 1991 war left Iraq poisoned with radioactive dust. Cancers and Leukemia cases skyrocketed, and so did horrific birth defects. examples of birth defects caused by radioactive poisoning. The radioactivity's half life is 4 BILLION years, so the poisoning will continue and so will the end results. Now, once again we have used DU against the Iraqis, further poisoning the land, water, every where the dust touches plus the wreckage. So there will be increased human suffering from radioactive poisoning.

AND NOT JUST THE IRAQIS. OUR TROOPS GOT A DOSE TOO AND HAVE SUFFERED FROM THE POISONING, a part of the GWS, and they have had a spike in birth defects in their babies sired/borne after the Gulf War. And they were exposed to the radioactivity for just a few weeks. What do you think will happen to our troops that have been their for months, repeatedly, for these years? But ofcourse, our government blandly denies that depleted uranium is not dangerous. Experts not in government employ say it IS.

thank you for your passion. the pictures were all very disturbing. people need to see this.
I know. If they only realized the true horror of war - as much as can be shown by pictures - perhaps they would rise up in protest. Too many just don't want to see or hear unpleasant things, so they bury their heads and ignore it.
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